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Thread: Anyone know anything about Segate Crystal Reports

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    Default Anyone know anything about Segate Crystal Reports

    I&#039;ve been trying to display a report using ASP and the Active X viewer that comes with Crystal. If basically been using the examples on the Segate Website as a basis for the code.<BR><BR>The report shows data from an SQL Server Database.<BR><BR>The problem is that the report can&#039;t seem to access the data, so nothing gets displayed in the report. I managed to find out that it was because the report&#039;s data connection need Login information.<BR><BR>Crystal Reports has two Methods to enter login information<BR><BR>LogonServer(dll,server,dbname,u sername,pass)<BR><BR>This is supposed to set logon information for the entire report<BR><BR>SetLogonInfo server,db,username,pass<BR><BR>This is supposed to set login information for individual table.<BR><BR>The problem I seem to get is that it just seems to spend ages processing once I insert code relating to either of these logon methods. And in the end it just times out.<BR><BR>Any Ideas?<BR>

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    Default heres a thread from .....

    yesterday about crystal reports. theres some links in it that may help<BR>

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