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    I tried to create a component and manipulate one of the methods. It givs me an Error saying "aspSmartUpload (0x800A0009)<BR>Subscript out of range/"

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    Hi..<BR>This problem comes when you are not specify (ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data") in your (FORM tag)<BR>ex:&#060;form method="POST" name="frmNews" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"&#062;<BR><BR>when you are uploading files all the content in that form goes into that coolection of the compounent you use.<BR>ex: filename= mySmartUpload.Files("fileinfo").FileName<BR><BR>th is will solve your problem.<BR>one more thing if you like to update data after you upload a file the requestion will not work by (request.form).<BR>access your data like this (newsid=mySmartUpload.Form("NewsID")<BR><BR>bye... <BR>have a nice day..<BR>kiran<BR>(<BR>

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