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    I have seen alot of question being asked how what&#039;s the most reliable mean to perform mass mailing. So far, there seen to be 2 suggestion.<BR><BR>1. use CDONT; put all mass mail address as BCC fields<BR>2. use JMail<BR><BR>I am facing the same problem, can anybody clarify which is the best method to employ. I am talking about &#062;10,000 mass mail account here !

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    We had a similiar situation where we had to be able to blast 300,000 + emails. We used ASPQMail from and created a custom DCOM component and where able to send 6.7 emails a second. We didn&#039;t use the bcc because we wanted the ability to personalize each message. ASPQmail works pretty well because all the messages get put in a queue and it then starts opening up multiple connections to the SMTP server and just start cycling through all the messages.<BR><BR>Dino

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