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    I have just set up a small web-site using all the information from the book ASP in 21 days. <BR>I have put up registering, login, midify user and delete user functions in asp.<BR>What I wanted to know was that when a person logs in, the user name & password is validated & redirected to another page.<BR>But in the address bar of the browser...<BR>the url of the page is in the normal fashion<BR>anybody can copy or save that url and access the whole site without logging in. <BR>How can I prevent a srufer from doing that, I want them to login first,<BR><BR>Is there any way I can put up a long and encoded url, whcih can deter a user from doing this?

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    I haven&#039;t read the material you cite. However, are you checking for some sort of proof that the user is logged in on each protected page? If not then encrypting the url won&#039;t help. The user doesn&#039;t need to "see" the url to save the page to favorites. I suggest that when the user logs in you give them a variable set to a specific value that is passed from page to page. Then check for that variable on each page you want to protect.

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