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Thread: GetObject("WinNT://<domainname>")

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    Default GetObject("WinNT://<domainname>")

    I have this cool bit of code for identify a user. I want to get their name from the server as well as login id and description.<BR><BR>this code returns the login id and description. <BR><BR>If i browse the network in explorer under the title comments a users full name is shown so i know its there somewhere.<BR>Does anyone know what the property for this is? <BR>IE in my code i want to put member.&#060;fullname&#062; where fullname is the users full name. what is it im looking for? <BR><BR>Dim myComputer<BR>Dim member<BR><BR>Set myComputer = GetObject("WinNT://domainname")<BR><BR>myComputer.Filter = Array("user")<BR>For Each member In myComputer<BR> Response.Write (member.class & ": " & & " - " & member.description & "<BR>")<BR>Next

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    CousinIT Guest

    Default found it :-)

    if your interest i was close it was fullname just needed to use get<BR><BR>Response.Write (member.get("fullname"))

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