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    TrevStunna Guest

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    Been doing ASP for over 6months now.<BR>Mostly just personnal work.<BR>I have a problem when it comes to becoming a contractor however.<BR><BR>I am highly skilled in ASP and have no problems in making any types of scripts whatsoever. However, i have less than ZERO creativity.<BR>I do understand HTML, although i never really took to it, the problem is that i have incredible amount of trouble being able to design a site as i am always clueless as to how i should make it look.<BR><BR>To the Point.<BR>If i am less than nul at design and website conceptuality, can i still become an ASP Programmer.<BR><BR>Trevor

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    Rajesh Divakaran Guest

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    YES Designing skill is as important. You simplly can rely on others to do your HTML coding. If you dont know HTML entirely. I suggest you to learn basic HTML Tags, such as Tables, Frames, Anchor....<BR><BR>IF You want to ASP Professional You should be strong in ASP And HTML

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Dude, you&#039;re expaining me to the T. I have no idea what blues go with shades of red, etc. If it were up to me, you&#039;d get a white background and black lettering on every page.<BR><BR>That&#039;s what I have web designers for... they layout all the pages nice and neat. Most ASP people don&#039;t really have to do that, since they can pay an HTML person far less.

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    I do know how to do design decent HTML, but I resist doing it, problem is that in the beginning, clients/employers (esp. clients for contracting) will expect you to be an all-purpose tool. They might not understand all the annoying, picky things HTML designers have to go through to get sites to look good.<BR><BR>My advice would be to get an WYSIWYG editor and use it for front end designs. Build clean, white-background, no-frills front ends if you have to build them at all, but resist it by telling clients they can save money by having someone else do it...<BR><BR>Richard

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    Linda Pyrc Guest

    Default left Vs right

    Its a pure case of left side of the brain vs the right side. Were technical, not creative... get yourself a good graphical(web) designer to come up with an initial layout and take it from there.

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