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    hi All,<BR><BR>i have an application in which any user who logs into the site...can make use of an automatic..reminder service - which inturn..will send him an mail on the reminding..him of the service he had requested for. How do v send a mail in this case(i have the mail id of the user) but how to automate it..(the user needn&#039;t login..but he has to receive the reminder mail)<BR><BR>looking forward for ur suggestions.<BR><BR>Rgds.<BR>Anu

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    try searching for &#039;task scheduler&#039;<BR><BR>you&#039;d need to schedule a task once a day to check a database to see if anyone needs mailing, then it&#039;s fairly simple to fire off a mail.<BR><BR>j

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    Get all the info in the DB including the User Email ID on which he wants to receive remainder. <BR>Write a asp page which will go thr DB & sends mail as per the DB. Either schedule this page itself or run continuously this page & refresh it at pre defined interval

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