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    I am developing a website in ASP. I need to keep track of user login sessions<BR> and store all that information (user details, etc) in a database. I have<BR>been advised to make an XML document and use that to store all data for GUIDs<BR>(User IDs).<BR>I&#039;m not sure how this is done. I&#039;m eager to get started in XML and this looks<BR>like an opportunity to use XML!Any Clues? Thanks.

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    Why would you use XML for this? It&#039;s a simple database task - using XML will only introduce extra complexity and reduce performance. Just because you CAN do it with XML doesn&#039;t mean that you SHOULD...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    It depends on the site size- if it is, or ever will be of any size, XML probably isn&#039;t the best way to store lots of user information, because it is slower and larger than conventional databases. Look for ASP articles on &#039;user authentication&#039; using SQL server or Access. Now, you may still want to use XML to transfer data to/from whatever database you use. For that, articles on ADO and XML/XSL would be helpful to you...<BR>Hope that helps.<BR><BR><BR>

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