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    I am trying to make a onetime reload. This may not have to do with ASP, but then again someone may know a way in ASP to do this. Any way is fine though..<BR><BR>I want a webpage to reload everytime the user vists its. So as to prevent their web browser from using the cached version. I know, the user could hit F5, but for not so experienced users, and the page being in a frame, they aren&#039;t going to know to right click in the frame and click refresh. I would use meta tags, but that refreshes at intervals. I just want to refresh one time.. everytime the page is loaded.<BR><BR>Anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

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    In whatever link people are using to reach this page, append a string that contains a variable that is defined by Now. So if the link would normally read "somepage.asp" than it will look like "sompage.asp?cachebuster=02349872". Since the number represents the browser&#039;s interpretation of "Now", the link should always appear to be fresh. It will attempt to load a page with the full string, and when it fails to find this complee path, it will be forced to reload somepage.asp. It works for me all the time.<BR><BR>To literally create this string use somethin glike:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="somepage.asp?cachebuster=&#060;%=Now%&#062;" &#062;image or text&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>*Don&#039;t use "cachebuster" as your variable name or your friends will make fun of you.

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