We are developing a project with a Windows 2000 Advanced Server 3-tier system. These include a web server, an exchange server, & a COM server. The exchanger server is a Domain Controller, the COM server has Active Directory installed but is not a DC, & the web server is stand-alone. Our ASP pages on the web server call a component on the COM server, which calls another object on the exchanger server.<BR>All of the objects are executed/run as user x of the domain. This user is also a member of Administration group. When we test the pages on the web server, we get:<BR><BR>Access Denied<BR><BR>To resolve our problem(s) we ran all of the objects as Administrator of the domain. When we test the pages on the web server, we get:<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>nameobject (0x800706BE)<BR>Automation error The remote procedure call failed. <BR><BR>We tested the following to troubleshoot the problem: we created an Visual Basic executable on the exchange server. This exe calls the exchange server object & is successful.<BR><BR>Next we created another VB executable on the COM server, which calls the COM server object & is also successful. <BR><BR>Is this a server-side or programming (we used Visual Basic 6) problem?<BR>Does anyone have any good suggestion/solutions to our problem?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>