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    Daniel Guest

    Default using methods in XSL

    When I try to use the method &#039;position()&#039; in an XSL transformation, I get the following error:<BR><BR>msxml3.dll error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>Unknown method. --&#062;position()&#060;--&#060;5 <BR><BR>I installed the latest parser from Microsoft, searched MSDN & w/no luck...<BR>

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    Gordon Wells Guest

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    I am rather new to XML/XSL however, I believe I saw a post on here earlier that dealt with your question. I&#039;ll give it a try:<BR><BR>At the top of your page where you declare your xml name space you should try one of the following declarations and see if one or the other helps you out:<BR><BR>&#060;xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""&#062;<BR>OR<BR>&#060;xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl=""&#062; <BR><BR>

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