Hello, can asp detect a datatype or a printout of the datatypes for columns?<BR><BR>Such as, if my db has a table "members", and it&#039;s listed as such:<BR><BR>ID &#124 name &#124 Email &#124 <BR><BR>Can there be an asp script, that if you connect to &#039;database.mdb&#039;<BR>and select table "members" it&#039;ll output:<BR><BR>ID-Auto#<BR>name-Var Char(255)<BR>Email-Var Char (255)?<BR><BR>The goal is to output, via html/text, <BR>the datatypes in a format suitable to build tables <BR>via mysql. :(<BR><BR>A pain. Or at least print out the name of column and datatype.<BR>So I don&#039;t have to type the create table/column syntax by hand<BR>by reading them from the view design in access.<BR><BR>Is that possible? I had to ask.<BR><BR>Thanks