Hi,<BR><BR>I have a table with xId, FirstName, LastName, PrimaryEmail, WorkEmail, HomeEmail.<BR><BR>I am creating a mail form that allows the user to select either PrimaryEmail, WorkEmail, HomeEmail of all records as recipient.<BR><BR>I want to pass the choice (primary, work, home) to the database and get a recordset of xId, FirstName, LastName, EmailChoice (primary email is the only one required, work and home optional).<BR><BR>I was hoping to avoid a make-table query but am not sure if I can do that.<BR><BR>When I do make a make-table query, I don&#039;t know how to make the email field build base on an input value (primary, work, home). I can pass it from the asp page no problem, as I do with other queries based on html form input. The key is to make the new table email field base on the input of primary, work, or home email...which I have been having trouble doing. I can do criteria queries based on html input fine, but I can&#039;t seem to make it work for a make-table query.<BR><BR>I have been rereading my sams access book with no luck to far.<BR><BR>Any ideas would be great. Thank you very much. Right now I just have 3 queries and I pass either primary, work, or home off to one of them to get the recordset...then I put the recordset into an array to use it later...<BR><BR>Thank you very much.<BR><BR>Smo