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    I have a form with several fields include two dates(Beginning Date, Starting Date). The date fields are not required, but in my Access 2000 database, I am storing the value of the date fields as a DATE. When the user leaves the date field blank, I am getting an error in my INSERT statement. What is the value for Null Date so that I can test if the field is blank...if it is, I will store the Null(blank) date in the database.<BR>Thanks.

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    well check if the user enters a value or not if there is not value in the date text box enter NULL into the Db BUT your table has to accept Null values otherwise it will give you and error

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    Umm<BR><BR>Well, i don&#039;t use access but in <BR>SQl server, there isnt a good way that i know of, so i do an if conditional and do an insert with and without the date.<BR><BR>Saves the headache, that is until someone gives me a viable solution.

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