I am using a basic credit card processing company to charge for a fee to my website. Once the CC is processed, the user is directed to a page on my website that I specify, i.e. thanks.htm. <BR><BR>I had thought about using a referral script that states the user must be coming from the other page (the credit card company page), but there is a long string on characters after the card is processed. Can i just put www.creditcardco.com as the referring URL, or will I have to do the security another way?<BR><BR><BR>The main accomplishment is to have a user not be able to get to page 1 of my CREATE A PROFILE (cp1.asp) without having paid the money.<BR><BR><BR><BR>How could I accomplish this? Please keep in mind, I must specify the page the user is directed to, and no variables are passed to that page by the credit card company.<BR>