I have two buttons in form1.One for submit and one for forward. Submit button inserted the replies to a question in the reply table. If you want to forward the question, then another list box is there to select a department name and it should send the whole question form1 without any reply to the department list server.<BR><BR>I have two questions?<BR>Is it ok to send two buttons to form2 and do like this in form2:<BR><BR>If Request.Form("Action")= "submit" Then<BR> &#039;Insert all the values to the reply table<BR> Else<BR> If Request.Form("Action")= &#039;forward" Then<BR> &#039;Send that form to the appropriate list server<BR> End If<BR>End If<BR><BR>OR should I send to two diferent forms. Since I have to send the exact form1 for forward button, I am sure there should be another way to do this.<BR><BR>Can anybody help me please!!!!<BR><BR>THANKS ~:)