I am using com object to select a rs from db then I am displaying it and then i am using another com object to get record from a differnet (old)db inserting or update in the current db....so the flow is like ...it will display the record from the current db if a record is there then in the background go to the old db which in this case is mainframe and update or insert the record in the new db which is oracle and refresh the page dynamically so after refresh it will reload the page and display the new record from oracle.....my problem is in inserting it is working fine but when the record is oracle and as well as in mainframe it will not display the current record from oracle rightaway but will display any other garbage like response.write"hello world" but not the rs("fieldname") and then refresh and directly load the new data.... it takes around 10-15 sec to get the data from mainframe...<BR>any ideas why it is doing likethis or any ideas how can I change my flow to work correctly