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    I am in charge of designing a web interface that will connect to a database. There are about 10-15 different users who can write information to the database and all other users can view info, reports and such. Are there any advantages of using one DB over the other? Any suggestions on what DB to use?

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    Microft SQL 2000 or 7.0 if you can find a copy lying around.<BR><BR>The benefits in performance blow away Access.<BR><BR>The advantage of using MS SQL over Oracle is that the availability of workers later who are familiar with it.<BR>

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    This normally comes down to cost. Using Access is cheaper than getting a licence for SQL server or Oracle. If you have a small application and you are not expecting hundreds of visitors or storing gigs of data then you can get away with Access.<BR><BR>Otherwise use SQL Server because it is most suited to ASP and is easy to work with because of the enterprise manager tools that come with it.

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