Hi,<BR><BR>I have a Windows NT machine with the name "WILFRED". This machine logs on to a server called "MTPDSVR". This server has the tool I am designing along with MS IIS. The tool is accessed by typing a url "http://mtpdsvr..." in the browser. Once the tool is opened the user has to set the working directory in "WILFRED". I tried adding the user "//MTPDSVR/IUSR_MTPDSVR" to the DOMAIN USERS accessing the local machine in the "MTPDSVR" but it did not allow the access of the local drive in "WILFRED". I also logged on in the administrator mode on the machine "WILFRED" and added the "//MTPDSVR/IUSR_MTPDSVR" to the DOMAIN USERS but this too didn&#039t help. I am confused as to where the change has to be made and how exactly it has to be done. <BR><BR>I am using the ASP command <BR>FileObject.GetFolder("\"&LocalIPAddress&"\"&Dr iveName&"\")<BR>The local C drive in the machine "WILFRED" is shared with the name "c" and it has been shared with FULL ACCESS rights for EVERYONE.<BR><BR>The same command is working fine with Windows 95. I am aware that it is a highly risky thing to do but the tool is being designed for use within a local Intranet.<BR><BR>Thank you again in advance.<BR><BR>Anand<BR><BR>