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    HokieDrum Guest

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    I need to create a web interface using ASP that will connect to a database. What are any advantages and/or disadvantages of using Oracle over Access?

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    See answers on ASp forum.

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    Scott S Guest

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    Comparing Access to Oracle is similar to comparing a local mom & pop computer shop to Compaq. Oracle is used for Enterprise class applications with thousands or possibly tens of thousands of concurrent users. Access can do the same thing, except where in oracle you can have unlimited concurrent users in access you can have 5 (numbers may vary)<BR><BR>Also there will be a number of issues with Access in the application programming perspective. Oracle (and other RDBMS systems) support a much wider range of connections & methods of executing queries, (ie triggers, batches, stored procedures etc...) Access does not support as many of these. Also, Access is file based, an access database is one file whereas Oracle is a Server with many databases.<BR><BR>Hope this was of some help

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