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    How would one iterate through an entire tree and run a RegExp on all specified types of files. For example, change all the html files on a web site?

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    following code is something I whipped up! not the cleanest ? (maybe, I haven&#039;t dim&#039;d any vars!) however it does work, replace YOURPATH with whichever path you want to run the code on, also replace CALLSOMEFUNCTION with the function you want to run on each file. pretty simple if you know how!<BR>&#060;%<BR>Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>Set objFolder = objFileSystem.GetFolder(server.mappath("YOURPATH") )<BR>Set objFileCollection = objFolder.files<BR><BR>For Each file in objFileCollection<BR> strFilename = strReverse(<BR> nDotPos = instr(strFilename,".")<BR> strFileExt = right(strReverse(strFileName),nDotPos)<BR> if lcase(strFileExt) = ".html" or lcase(strFileExt) = ".htm" then<BR> CALLSOMEFUNCTION<BR> end if<BR>Next<BR><BR>Set objFileSystem = nothing<BR>Set objFolder = nothing<BR>Set objFileCollection = nothing<BR>%&#062;

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