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Thread: Mail merge to MDB - possible?

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    Hi,<BR>i need to access an email database stored on a server. The db is updated by ASP natch with users subscribing to my newsletter. I was wondering however if it is possible to use some sort of gateway (asp? cgi?) to do the following:<BR>•email one msg to the server<BR>•script picks up mail and merges from db<BR>•script (formail?) sends mail to all in db<BR>please bear in mind that this db contains about 4000 entries, increasing all the time.<BR><BR>Any ideas are greatly appreciated<BR><BR>Tx<BR><BR>Alan

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    Johnny Hughes Guest

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    There are many different ways to mail to a list of users ... the easiest in your case would probably be to build an HTML form that has a text area that you submit to an ASP page which would take the input from the form and also select all your users from the database and mail the form via a component like JMAIL.

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    Ian Haynes Guest

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    Alan, This isn&#039;t a reply as such, but could you tell me how you snatch the email into the database?? Any help appreciated.

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