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    I have lots of asp pages and I want a particular piece of script to run server side on all pages.<BR><BR>I know I can go round inserting a "#include" but this is annoying and potentially means changing all pages if the script changes or I don&#039;t need it any more.<BR><BR>Ideally I&#039;d like to globally define some sort of event procedure to kick off my bit of script for every page. Is this possible?<BR><BR>...and by the way how do I know when to put stuff on the advanced ASP forum? If I don&#039;t have the answer, it all seems advanced to me!!!<BR><BR>cheers<BR>mf

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    unfortunately, you&#039;re stuck with inserting includes.<BR><BR>the advanced forum is sadly misused. if it sounds advanced, put it there by all means, but it does tend to get a lot of the old &#039;urgent, desperate&#039; ilk of message, which is generally pretty easy...<BR><BR>j

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