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    Julie R Guest

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    I tried installing the pws on the laptop using the win98 disc. (win98 already installed). It is not opening the local host or any files. What could be the problem?

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    Default again, be specific

    ... please.<BR><BR>j

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    Marc Anyon Guest

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    Hi. I too have had monumental problems setting up PWS. Please note that I am also very new to scripting etc.<BR>I have found 3 things that are potential problems:<BR><BR>If the system registry is large when pws is installed, it misbehaves in all sorts of ways. I will see if I can find the link in microsoft&#039;s knowledgebase about this. There is an updated setup file that can be used by copying all pws files from the 98 disk to a temporary folder on the HDD. Copying the new setup file here overwrites the old one. Setup is done from the temp file.<BR><BR>The host.sam in windows needs to be found and modified. Duplicate the line that reads or whatever numeric address it is and add the network name of your computer in place of the localhost.<BR><BR>Set up read and script permissions on your home page folder and ensure that PWS points to it in "main".<BR><BR>I will add if I can think of anything else.

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    Julie R Guest

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    Thanks for the tips. I now have the PWS up and running. Http:// opens default.html. When I try to run asp pages, it won&#039;t open them.<BR><BR>I have setup read and script permissions (not execute).<BR><BR>Anyone Help?<BR><BR>Julie R

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