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    How do i run a crystal report from ASP Pages ?

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    CousinIT Guest

    Default Crystal Reports :(

    one way is just to make a href to it<BR>eg. href="reports/mycrp.rpt"<BR>but then i couldn&#039;t figure out how to tell it which database (it just used the one saved in the report and i want to connect to various ones)<BR><BR>in the end i gave up with crystal reports and just wrote my own sql and displayed it that way. The help files and the online stuff weren&#039;t very intuitive either but you could try looking at seagates samples<BR><BR><BR>good luck<BR>

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    CousinIT Guest

    Default Does Anyone know

    where there are any good tutorials on crystal reporting for the web. It looks good if you read the seagate site (was quite exciting....almost) but its a minefield when you start to try and use it.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default RE: Does Anyone know

    Look at these:<BR><BR><BR><BR> mj<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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    CousinIT Guest

    Default thank you (NT)


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