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    cheril Guest

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    Can anyone tell me what exactly is a template and whats its use and where it is placed or whatever info u can give me about templates.<BR>Also my 2nd question is what is the difference between position:absolute and position:relative<BR>Thanx

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    sachin Guest

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    Template is essentialy nothing but a kind of a framework. In case of ASP this framework can be built with the help of include files. These include files will have a core functionality. So whoever is using that tempalte can just include that in asp page, overide the variables in include & use it as it is.<BR>Take a example of any MAster Screen. All master screen have standard funct. i.e. ADD UPDATE DELETE & DISPLAY. Only what changes is queries & database related properties. So such properties can be overrided from the user page where as core functionality remains intact in INC file.

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