Hi. I run a website called t-break (http://www.tbreak.com) and it posts reviews of hardware and games. The site is a database-less (static?) site. It&#039;s getting kinda big now and I had a couple of questions before diving into the "database driven website" category. <BR><BR>1) Is it really needed for me to get into databases? The reviews we post are somewhere between 2-8 pages and on average, about 10-12 reviews get posted every month <BR><BR>2) If yes, then howabouts? Currently I&#039;m hosting the site on an NT Server which does support DSN connection. Is there an easy way to do this, like, create a database with the text of the reviews, then use a program like UltraDev (any other recommedation) to design the site and incorporate the database. Some of the sites that do exactly what I&#039;m talking about with a database are anandtech.com gamespot.com dailyradar.com and even cnet.com <BR><BR>3) Is Access good enough to handle such a task (as I mentioned, reviews are between 2-6 pages) or do I need to start from SQL <BR><BR>4) I have ABSOLUTELY no clue on databases. And then incorporating them on a website also shows a blackhole. Is there a good website to learn on this, or maybe a book that I could buy. (BTW, I hate reading books, so if there&#039;s something that&#039;s a little INTERESTING to read, unlike MS Press books, I would really appreciate that :) ) <BR><BR>Thanks! <BR><BR>-Abbas<BR> <BR>