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    Needy Guest

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    Hi.... I have a record set array of numbers, I wish to step through the array and write out the values within the array.<BR> <BR>Say the array held the following:<BR><BR>0 , 100<BR>1 , 200<BR>2 , 300<BR><BR>and my search criteria value was = 110 ..... I would want to be able to write out the element in the array (first line (0) value 100) as it&#039;s &#060; 200. The same would apply if the new search value was 182 .... then i would still want to be able to select the first element. I hope this makes sense.<BR>

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Okay, (I think you asked this in another way in another forum, n&#039;est pas?), let me see if I&#039;ve got this right:<BR><BR>You want to take a value (search value: 110) and display the nearest single (i.e. only one output) value of in the array that is less than or equal to your search value.<BR><BR>In your example:<BR><BR>110 gets 100<BR>199.99999999 gets 100<BR>200 gets 200 <BR>4 gets ???? &#060;---- what would a &#039;4&#039; get you?<BR><BR>Richard?<BR>

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