Limiting the size of a <TEXTAREA>?

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Thread: Limiting the size of a <TEXTAREA>?

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    Keith Railton Guest

    Default Limiting the size of a <TEXTAREA>?

    Is there an easy way to limit the number of characters that are allowed in a &#060;TEXTAREA&#062;? Is there even a simple way to find out how many characters are actually in a &#060;TEXTAREA&#062;? Why is this form element so rubbish?!<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.<BR>

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    Keith Railton Guest

    Default Ahh! A solution!

    Whoops! Much easier than I first thought, this is how I did it:<BR><BR>&#060;TEXTAREA ID=moo<BR> onKeyDown="<BR> if (this.value.length &#062;= sizeLimit)<BR> this.blur();<BR> "&#062;<BR><BR>I&#039ll try for a longer before making a post next time!<BR><BR>Keith.<BR><BR>

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