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    I created a password dialog box to protect a certain web page. In order to validate the userid and password, I believe I need to<BR>look at my server variables, but I&#039;m not sure which variables to look at. Any clues? Thanks.......

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    I really dont see the need for you so look at servervariables<BR><BR>are you going to save that in the Db or ate you going to ask NT to authenticate the user??

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    F Jackie Guest

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    No, I&#039;m not going to store it in a DB. How do you go about asking NT to authenticate the user? <BR>What I&#039;m trying to do in a nutshell is:<BR>Create a pop up dialog box when the user clicks on the hyperlink<BR>The user then enters the id and password. Then enters the webpage.<BR> <BR>

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