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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    All our COM objects are being ported over to Java (Visual J++) in order to have cross-platform usage.<BR><BR>Now, using Visual Interdev, if you set a reference to a COM object, you have the "Intellisense" tell you all the properties and methods (along with input parameters) of the entire COM object. (Pops up when you click the "." after the object ref)<BR><BR>Well, this works fine when a dll is written in VJ++, but the input parameters aren&#039;t named when referencing it from ASP... instead, you&#039;re given param1, param2, etc without the name. Doesn&#039;t happen like this in VB.<BR><BR>So, I have:<BR><BR>public String myFunction(String AccountNumber, String Password)<BR><BR>in J++, but in ASP, the pop-up is:<BR><BR>Set x = Server.create....<BR>r = x.myFunction(parameter1 String, parameter2 String)<BR><BR>What is the way to expose the actual name (i.e., AccountNumber) in Java or ASP?<BR><BR>I would hate to write documentation up for every single function that I distribute just to see the order of input parameters. Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    Are you registering the components as COM components using javareg.exe? If so, maybe it just isn&#039;t supported in VI. <BR>Good luck<BR>p.s. you should write the documentation anyway.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Well, I will write the documentation anyway, but I would hate for someone to have to keep looking at it simply for the order of input parameters.<BR><BR>With J++, it creates a dll and registers it for you. I registered it using regsrvr on the web server. Everything works as expected. My guess (and this is a big guess due to my limited knowledge of Java) is that the COM &#039;wrapper&#039; is what exposes the interface. In this wrapper, the proper names of the input params do appear. VI should support it, because it lists all the other methods and properties. It also tells you the datatype the parameter is expecting, just not the proper name.<BR><BR>Any other ideas?

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