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    Just need to know how to interface ASP files with the SQL server. I already done the work with Access but I need to upgrade now... Any links to tutorials/information will be appreciated...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    You can do it two ways:<BR>1) Use a DSN, set the DSN to be the desired database, and use it the same way you do as access, give or take a few things<BR><BR>2) Use a DSNLess connection. The Recordset examples in IISHelp have example code for SQL Server access this way. Or just look on, in the library under the ActiveX data objects.

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    I found this article quite informative for the database conversion (data type mapping was helpful...):<BR>Migrating Your Microsoft Access Database <BR>to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0<BR><BR><BR>I would also strongly recommend upgrading your ODBC to the most recent version (do both machines if SQL and IIS are separate!):<BR>Microsoft Data Access Components<BR><BR><BR>Other than that (hopefully!), just change the reference in the DSN.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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