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    Mike Harris Guest

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    How do I get a field&#039;s data type (not a number value respresenting the data type) to my ASP page using the adOpenSchema method (or should I be using another method)?<BR><BR>

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    New ASP Guest

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    Try this please:<BR><BR>DIM int_field_type<BR><BR>.... open db_conn here....<BR>.... open obj_rec here ...<BR><BR>int_field_type = VARTYPE(obj_rec.fields("the_field"))<BR><BR>respon se.write int_field_type<BR><BR>0 Empty (uninitialized) <BR>1 Null (no valid data) <BR>2 Integer <BR>3 Long integer <BR>4 Single-precision floating-point number <BR>5 Double-precision floating-point number <BR>6 Currency <BR>7 Date <BR>8 String <BR>9 Automation object <BR>10 Error <BR>11 Boolean <BR>12 Variant (used only with arrays of Variants) <BR>13 A data-access object <BR>17 Byte <BR>8192 Array <BR><BR>BUT: This type is NOT the type of your DB&#039;s field.<BR>It&#039;s the type that out-put to ASP page.<BR><BR>

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