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    Can somebody tell me how well Microsoft Access handles web traffic. I&#039;ve heard that there can only be 10 people connecting to it at one time. What happens when there are to many people hitting it at one time? What other implications are there when using Access on the web.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    it is said that access can only take about 10 or at best 15 (I doubt that) concurrent users. That is; 10 people sending a sql statement to your database at exactly the same time. Your everyday website wouldn&#039;t have many more, so you could use access. <BR>But of course SQL Server or Interbase or Oracle is much more fun and give you a world of possibilities in the future. <BR>Imagine your website turns out to be more popular that amazon, your website will simply send errors to all your users, your database will crash......<BR><BR>no fun<BR>

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