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    LOL to Atrax Guest

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    Hi, Folks, please take a look the posts of Atrax:<BR><BR>1. RE: Browser Time Out<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 07:13:24 AM<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------why is the procedure so heavy in the first place? look into breaking it down into bite size chunks if possible.<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>2. RE: What is wrong with this comand?<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 07:11:36 AM<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------WHAT&#039;S THE ERROR MESSAGE?<BR><BR>3.pardon?<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 06:22:35 AM<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>update your site static? eh?<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>4. RE: Not an FSO problem, please help!!<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 06:21:52 AM<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>it&#039;s a problem with a) your upload component or b) the way you&#039;re using it. check the documentation against your code, then try asking again, with the upload code included<BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>5. RE: iis problem<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 06:23:28 AM<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>as in a Visual Studio project? why would that be on the server?<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>6. RE: ODBC Error<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 05:25:01 AM<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>is your cursor set to adLockOptimistic?<BR><BR>is the actual DB file readonly?<BR><BR>j<BR><BR>7. RE: is there anyway, to prevent user&#039;s hittin<BR>Atrax - 31 Jan - 04:41:15 AM<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>there&#039;s an article on www.4guysfromrolla.com by Akhilesh on the subject<BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>8. Satisfy ??? lol

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    Default Am I missing something? what is your point <e


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    Default That was REALLY funny

    ...i think...now if you told us what the joke was maybe we could laugh too....pleazzzzze :)

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    Atarx Guest

    Default Quite mystified myself....

    some people seem to find me dismissive... hmm...<BR><BR>j

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