My problem is this. I have a page where the user can upload files to the server. I&#039;m using a PureAspUpload script which I found from a ASP resorce page. With smaller files it works just fine, but when user uploads a file that is more then about 2.5 MB then the trouble starts.<BR>On the upload page is a form and when submitted it goes to another page where a folder is created (if its not already there) and the file is saved to that folder. After saving the file some info about the file is updated to a Database. Last is a redirection to another page. When the file is submited it leaves the client OK. Then when it starts to come to the server after about 1 minute of trasfer the client shows a page:<BR><BR>Connection Timed Out<BR>Description: Connection Timed Out<BR>(in the source is a comment:<BR>&#060;!-- default "Connection Timed Out" response (504) --&#062;<BR><BR>It makes no difference if the filesize is 3MB or 100MB (It only takes more time to leave the client), but when it shows up on the server, after about 1 minute of trasfer, the client browser shows the connection timed out page.<BR>The funny thing is that the file trasfer to the server does not stop and when the trasfer is complete all the database commands are executed and the database is updated correctly.<BR>I have set all timeouts on the IIS to 9000sec and the database connection<BR>and command timeouts to 9000sec.<BR>