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    I am trying to build a web page that publishes information about the users and only the users should be allowed to update the info on themselves through the web. To achieve this I want to use their NT network login ident which is used as the key in the database.<BR>So how do I verify which user is running the script.<BR>I have found a solution which involves creating an identical user on the web server for all the users, but in this case we are talking about approx 3000 users. So is there a way that I can pick up the user ident in the script or this there another way ?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Yes you can use the NT-username. To get the username use following statement : Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER").<BR>If you get the list of users, and the user clicks on a user then you can check if the name is the same as the logon_user (or an hidden field with the logon name in it to check this). If not then the user has only read authority otherwise if the name matches then the user gets the change rights.<BR><BR>Hopes this helps you out.<BR>Sven Cipido

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