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    hi,<BR> Iam having a table called as Login,whenever the user log&#039s to the site his name and id is inserted in the login table.The user should not be able to login twice(this is checked by validating his name which is unique in a master table).so each time the user ends a session or closes the browser,his details from the login table needs to be deleted.How can I do this.<BR><BR>thanks

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    In your Global.asa, you could utiilize the session_onend and delete the record from the table. You will probably want to set the timeout to about 5 minutes though, in case they need to login again, they will be able to do so after the 5 minute period.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Is there any other way of doing it that is without using the session_OnEnd

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