FSO problem, please help!!

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Thread: FSO problem, please help!!

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    I`m getting this error :<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a01a8&#039; <BR><BR>Object required: &#039;vUpload.Files(...)&#039; <BR><BR>/en/html/module/cug.inc, line 456 <BR><BR>on this line :<BR><BR>vFS.GetFile(Server.MapPath(CONST_CUG_UPLO AD) & "\" & RS("id") & vUpload.Form("directselect") & "\" & vUpload.Files("document").ExtractFileName)<BR><BR> Can someone help me??????<BR>

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    Default RE: Not an FSO problem, please help!!

    it&#039;s a problem with a) your upload component or b) the way you&#039;re using it. check the documentation against your code, then try asking again, with the upload code included<BR><BR>j

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