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    I have written some code that will hopefully give access to a level 2 user group. This group has to be allowed to view that data in the database(SQL) but I am not sure how to do it. Someone advised me on using an Include statement on every page but I am also not sure how I must do that. Please, anybody help me cause I am new at this and I am working on a security system that has to give access to authenticated users. <BR>Also, what does the "adLockReadOnly" do and how do you use it to give access to a view only user in ASP.

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    Hi i&#039;m new too, so don&#039;t know if this will be of any help but if the user group have to login then give those allowed access a session variable- then on the pages with the data simply check at the top of your code whether they have permission if they don&#039;t response.redirect them!

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