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    kirang75 Guest

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    I need to throw an alert with a message and two options buttons (yes & no). If they press yes, it has to go one asp page and if it is no, it has to go another asp page. Could you please tell me how can I write this in JScript. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR>Kiran

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    David Moran Guest

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    Try this javascript:<BR>function selectPage {<BR> if(confirm("click yes for page1 or cancel for page2"){<BR> response.redirect "page1.asp"<BR> return<BR> }<BR> response.redirect "page2.asp"<BR>}<BR>

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    kirang75 Guest

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    Where should I write my message to display on the alert?<BR>

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    Uhhh... where it says:<BR><BR>"click yes for page1 or cancel for page2"<BR><BR>;-)

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