I am using a dictionary which contains dictionaries (given the names of various controls on a form) The second level dictionary contains the control attributes.<BR><BR>I need to cycle through the first level dictionary and access the attributes of each control... "Name" and "Value" from the second level dictionaries<BR><BR>I have set up an array of pointers to the first level dictionaries...<BR>key = objDict1.keys<BR>and am trying to access the second level dictionaries using...<BR>for counter = 1 to objDict1.count &#039;for each control<BR> response.write "Name: " &key(counter).Item("Name")<BR> response.write "Value: " &key(counter).Item("Value")<BR>Next<BR><BR>This isn&#039;t working. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong or tell me a better way of doing this<BR><BR>Thanks in advance