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    Jack Lee Guest

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    I have request from client, they want to have a order page to be two frames, Left Hand Side(LHS) and Right Hand Side(RHS). LHS frame to show all products not in the current order. with one submit button for all product with value &#062;0 in that frame, RHS to show current order, and a single "Comfirm" button.<BR>people can enter number into a textfield called quantity for different products in LHS, when they press Add button on the LHS, the products that they ordered MOVE from LHS to RHS. <BR>I thought this is very challenge task for me, haven&#039;t done anything like this before, and the deadline is short. so please someone help me out. thanks in advance!

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    kishore Guest

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    Hey man you have tough job ahead. Similarly I had a Module, which need dynamic SQL generator. My advice is that use lot big query string and lot of hidden fields .This is little help I can do.<BR><BR>

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    I have a similiar app that I would be happy to share if you&#039;ll provide an e-mail address.

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    Jack Lee Guest

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    hi, Doug: thank you very much if you can help me this, my email address is<BR>if you need anything, give me shout.....<BR>Cheers<BR>Jack

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