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    Sandy Breon Guest

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    We are working on an ASP solution and my boss is concerned that Javascript/HTML may not be rich enough for the user interface. We are going to be capturing maybe 100 fields throughout the site, with 4 main data entry forms.<BR><BR>We are a VB6 house right now, and he was thinking me may have to go with ActiveX controls cited on the form. That way we can do some fancy interface things and use VB instrinsic controls. I&#039;m not a Javascript expert, but in looking at the sites and what people are doing with Javascript, it appears as if there are a lot of things you can do with it user interface wise.<BR><BR>Penny for your thoughts...

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    Well, it depends... JS has limitations when it comes to accessing the client directly. What are you looking for, simple formfield validation? Obviously, a full blown language such as VB ActiveX will have much more power over a scripting language, but it has it&#039;s downsides as well.<BR><BR>Ever consider the Java Applet?<BR><BR>

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    Sandy Breon Guest

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    Our current VB application uses a calendar control, true db grid control, tree view control, etc.<BR><BR>Our validation is pretty simple - is a date a date, certain dates cannot be before other dates, is a field numeric, etc.<BR><BR>None of us know Java, but there seems to be a lot of examples out there for doing the types of things we need.<BR><BR>But I wonder if there are any gotchas or what experiences other developers have had.

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