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    Hi!<BR> I have a image on page. In front of that image i want to add text.but text is aligning to bottom of image.what change are requried?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>Ana <BR>

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    do you want to align the text ON TOP of the image, next to it, or under it?

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    Well, if you want the text above the image, you have lots of options, like tables, the paragraph or BR tag, etc, so let us know exactly what you want.<BR>If you want the text imposed over the image, as in covering up some of it, you&#039;ll have to use (I think.. correct me if I&#039;m wrong) cascading style sheets to set the text at a specific location in pixils on the page.<BR>If you like the cascading style sheets idea, go to<BR><BR>and you may need to go to the start of the tutorial to see the context that CCS are in, but that link explains the text-placing that I mentioned above.

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