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    Default Can an COM object be created...

    ... to retrieve the Domain / User Name for the visitor requesting the page without using BASIC or NT Challenge - Response security on the site.... Basiclly not asking the visitor for the information....<BR><BR>Please send responses to

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    Default No (unless you really want to suffer)

    At least not as far as I know. I mean, you&#039;ve got three authentication options -- none, basic, and C/R. If you&#039;re saying that you&#039; don&#039;t want basic or C/R, then you&#039;re left with "None", so you won&#039;t exactly be pulling much information out of that. (If you do pull information on that, it&#039;ll be for your system&#039;s local anonymous account, as used by IIS, not on the remote person who is visiting your site anonymously as you required.)<BR><BR>Of course, a point of circumvention would be to grab their IP address (which is available) and look it up in a comparison table -- either static or DHCP, but I&#039;ve never seen one; check with your IT & IS departments -- and look up the user registered to the IP address. Of course, if they&#039;re logged in on a floating workstation, you&#039;re SOL. Assuming, of course, that you can even get to the above mentioned data in the first place.<BR><BR>SPG

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