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    we have an intranet application.We are logging the users to this app via NT security.catching the user ID from the request objects collection. <BR>W e are not using proxy server and address for the sites are added in "exceptions" for proxy in our browser settings. <BR>One of the user gets prompted for the proxy screen when he tries to go to another asp page from previous after hitting submit btn. <BR>behind the scene after the hit of submit the control goes to an asp page which checks for specific condition and does response.redirect to another asp page as per the criteria. <BR>Not all the users are getting the proxy prompt. <BR><BR>Can anyon help on this issue? <BR>thanks<BR>Mark<BR><BR>

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    Sounds like a desktop issue. I&#039;ve had this same issue. If everyone&#039;s exceptions lists are the same and you have "Bypass Proxy server for local addresses" checked, the last thing I recommend doing is going to Tools -&#062; Internet Options-&#062; Security tab. THen, select Local Intranet and click on custom level. Scroll to the last option (which is Logon) and make sure Automatic logon with current user name and password is selected (then Automatic logon only in intranet zone if that doesn&#039;t work). That fixed it for me. Good luck.<BR>Kristin

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    That part he has already checked and it&#039;s ok. one more difference is this guy is working from CHicago and has win95 and all other users are from NY /iei diff domain and are workin on win 2000.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Mark

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