I&#039;ve read the documentations from 4guys about WSH and automating tasks. But it doesn&#039;t seem to work for me.<BR><BR>What I have done:<BR>1_ created a cleanOrders.vbs (which deletes unwanted records from a certain table).<BR>2_ created a cleanOrders.bat in the same directory as the .vbs file.<BR>3_ From the Sceduled Tasks (in control panel) I add a new task and browsed for my CleanOrders.bat file<BR><BR>When the time has come to execute this task, the status always says: "could not start" and the script is not executed.<BR><BR>But when I execute it from the dos command line by typing in the exact same command as in the cleanorders.bat file:<BR><BR>c:winntsystem32CScript.exe c:InetpubwwwrootlingeriescriptsCleanOrders.vbs<BR> <BR>it works. <BR>Why does it not work from task scedular?<BR><BR>Any help would be really appreciated.<BR>Thank you.<BR>Patty.<BR>