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    I posted last week on a problem with my .asp files not running right. Simple information gathered from a form was to inserted into a DB in the same folder, and it just wouldn't work. All coding was right. I moved the .asp and db to a folder I *know* has worked before, and it did. But that is the only folder that will let my pages run correctly. If I run personal webserver on my NT machine here, and make a folder on it, and set for scripts to be able to be run, it works fine! But there isn't such an option for anything not on my personal web server. I am accessing a local webserver from my machine on our network, this is where I want the scripts to be run, and any new folder I make just won't work right. Grr....

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    for one thing, if you are using a dsn to connect to your db make sure you have a dsn setup on iis under system dsn.<BR><BR>if you are using a dsn-less connection, make sure that your folder permissions on the directory are set to read/write/execute/delete.<BR><BR>that allows access to to write and view your db.<BR><BR>my advice to you, is create a dsn connection to your db, and put your db folder on the same level as your root, and setup a system dsn to that db in your db folder. that adds extra security.

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    Dave Bell Guest

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    This is how I&#039;m connecting...<BR><BR> set conn=Server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")<BR> conn.Open "driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _<BR> "dbq=" & Server.MapPath("db2.mdb")<BR><BR>It&#039;s just weird because when I did my first database project I had none of these problems and do not remember any permission problems at all.

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