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    After I have tried the error handeling codes, I have not received any error messages. How can I test to get error message pomp up to users.<BR>The screen shows blank without any error messages.<BR>What I did:<BR>1. put &#060;% On Error Resume Next%&#062; on top the ASP<BR>2. Put &#060;% ProcessErrors %&#062; at the end of the ASP<BR>3. Make a copy of the include file in my directory<BR>&#060;!--#include virtual="tara/ErrorHandler.asp"--&#062;<BR>and put it on the top of ASP<BR>4. put the following codes after connecting to database<BR>If Err.number &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR> TrapError Err.description<BR>End If<BR><BR>Question:<BR>I try to disable my dsn file. Then I got blank without any data shows up. I thought I am supposed to get an error message saying:<BR>There has been a database error. Technical Support " & _<BR> "has already been notified. You will be informed when " & _<BR> "this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience!"<BR><BR>Can you email me you have the correct way to test the result error handeling?<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR>Saya<BR><BR>

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    how will we know what is in the include file and what ProcessErrors or TrapError do

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